3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

Stop paying too much for your air conditioning! You can make your AC unit more effective and reduce your energy bills. And, it does not require a huge effort. In fact, 3 small changes can add up to huge savings on your electric and energy bills.

1. Use Fans

Fans are your biggest ally when it comes to keeping your house cool in the hottest days of summer without breaking your bank account paying for the air conditioning.

Fans placed near vents help push the cold air further into your home and also helps circulate it, cutting down on how hard the air conditioner unit has to work.

Ceiling fans are also extremely helpful in both helping to circulate your AC's air and pulling warm air out of the lower parts of the room. Use both for maximum effectiveness.

The small amount of electricity they are sue will be nothing compared to paying for air conditioning without the aid of fans.

2. Use Black-Out Shades

If you have trouble sleeping because too much light comes into your bedroom, you can buy what is called black out shades. These block all light coming in, helping you sleep.

But, there is an added benefit: they also reflect a lot of heat.

Less sunlight coming in means a cooler room. Obviously, you can not use these all day unless you want to sit in darkness, but, these are very useful for rooms you are not currently in or areas of your home that you do not use much. The shade will keep the light out and make the rooms stay much, much cooler. All of these adds up to dramatically lower energy bills.

3. Plant Trees

This one is obviously a long term solution, but, trees can shade your home and keep it out of the sun. Remember, the longer the sun beats down on your roof and outside walls, the hotter your home will be.

And, the warmer your home is the harder your air conditioner will have to work to keep the inside cool.

When you plant trees and they reach the point where they are big enough, they will shade your house and keep it out of the direct sunlight, at least part of the day. This can really cut down on how hard your AC has to work, reducing your electric bills by quite a bit. Plus, they are good for the environment.

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