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4 Tips To Consider When Installing Shingles

Shingles not only protect sloping rooftops from the effects of rain and hail, but they also make your home very attractive. The good side with these roofing materials is that they are long lasting so that you will not keep on installing them every now and then.

To ensure that you install them correctly, you need to put the following tips into consideration.

Select the right shingles

Shingles come in different styles, sizes and types. When choosing the right material for your house you should put a number of factors into consideration. Some of the factors that you need to consider are: slope of the roof, style and size of the structure, local weather conditions, and the purpose of the building.

You should also consider exposure of the materials. Although, exposure of each type of shingle is specified by the manufacturer, common shingles have a standard exposure of 5 ".

Buy enough materials

If you want your home to have an elegant look, you should ensure that you buy enough materials. For you to buy enough materials you need to know the exact amount of material that you need.

To know the amount that you need you have to measure the length and width of each area of ​​the roof. You should then multiply the length times the width then add the results and you will be able to get the total square feet of shingles.

To know the number of shingles that you should buy, you should divide the total square foot by 100.

Always size your shingles appropriately

The size of shingle that you use depends on how you organize your rows and courses. Many experts typically cut the shingle in five sizes:

• A half tab off for the first and second course

• 1.5 cut off for the third course

• 2 tabs off for the fourth course

• Half of the final tab for the fifth course

• The tabs of the sixth course remain intact.

These cuts make it easy for installation to take place. The cuts also give your house a great look.

Be careful when laying materials on roof valleys

A roof valley is formed when two roofs meet at an angle. You should be very careful when laying the materials on these valleys. This is because if you lay them improperly, the valley can easily develop leaks.

To ensure that there are no leaks you should first place a metal flashing and cement at the center of the valley before you lay the shingles.

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