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5 Reasons Why You Should not Wait to Go Solar

If you want to jump on green technology, now is definitely the right time! There are a variety of renewable energy sources that are becoming much more cost-competitive with other traditional sources, such as coal. The most widely used for practical energy production is solar power.

If you have not installed solar yet and are waiting for just the right time, the time is now – do not let it pass you by! Here are 5 big reasons why you should install today:

1. Better panel efficiency for a lower system cost . Panel costs are dropping at a never-before-seen rate. And those panels are much more efficient and fit in a smaller space – no more than those big, clunky arrays. Today's panels are much sleeker and even blend in better with the roof.

2. Tax credits and incentives . Not only will the Federal government credit you back 30% of your system cost, the state of California will also give cash back through the CSI program. These incentives will not last forever; and once they're gone, they're gone!

3. Consistent energy prices & reliability . Never be surprised by your monthly energy bill again! Your energy bill will be stable and predictable and better yet, no longer subject to the whims of the giant utility companies. Plus, you'll be credited for any additional energy your system produces which goes back into the grid. If you decide to install a battery backup with your system, you'll even be able to ensure electricity during brown / black outs.

4. Increase your home's value . There are not too many investments you can make that will ensure a better return on the sale of your home than a solar power system. Not much can compete with offering free electricity to a potential buyer.

5. Support your local economy . By purchasing a solar power system from a local business, you not only help keep your money locally invested but also help keep locales employed; These are people who are your neighbors and friends. You can also have the assurance of any technical help needed being not too far off.

Are you ready to start seriously looking at solar? Schedule a Solar Analysis of your property if you have not done so already!

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