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A Roof – Function, Design, Preservation

Generally, in the uppermost part of a building is completed by a cover called roof. This part of building has high point looked from function, design and preservation things. Then, these three points of view becomes the consideration of people in applying it in their house.

Start from the function, roof functions as cover that protect the living creature that is living in the certain building. It keeps these living creatures from many things, such as from the consequence of weather. If people live in tropical climate, they tend to choose the type of it that can protect you from sunlight, wind and water in rainy season. The material chosen is different with in subtropical and cool climate. Therefore, the climate has huge influence in choosing it.

There are some kinds of roof design that can be alternative for you in applying it such as gable, hip, gambrel, and mansard, also flat and shed. The architecture of these types is the most popular. Looked from efficiency in the cost, gable roof is the most efficient between others. Therefore, the design also becomes one of considerations for people in choosing the type of cover for their house.

No roof lasts eternally though the installation is perfect. Some elements like sun, rain, hail and wind can reduce the resistance of the roof, therefore it must be replaced. The performance is one of important thing should be noted. Such as by painting, it can increase the performance of your roof. Placing of some devices that are usually placed surrounded the roof, such as the pipe, satellite or skylight also must consider the condition of the roof. The last, check the condition of your roof regularly to prevent any damages broke your roof.

The material of a roof offers many options for people in applying one type of roof. Wheaten straw, banana leaves, sea grass, aluminum or hay are just a few examples of roof. Hay material has special form that becomes attractive choice.