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All About Metal Roofing


· Light weight
· Portable
· Durable
· Fire resistant
· Spark resistant
· Wind resistant
· Hail resistant
· High strength to weight ratio
· Design flexibility – comes in large sprung curves and rolled bull-nose shapes
· Can be recycled without losing valuable properties

Sheet Materials

· Stainless steel
· Copper
· Zinc
· Aluminum-coated alloy or zinc coated

Lifespan for residential roofing

· 50 plus years or up to 100 years depending on the type


· The design is flexible
· Can be installed over open frames or your existing roof
· Reduces air-con usage by 20-30%
· Labor efficient
· High energy efficiency especially for Kynar finished roofs
· Very minimal maintenance
· 80% of the materials is recyclable
· Can be a DIY depending on the type


· For curved roofs, there is a high level of noise, but few occurrences were recorded
· Dissimilar metal can cause rapid corrosion
· Costs about double the price of traditional shingles

Getting the roof

· Metal roofing is ordered per piece whether in sheet, trim or ridge form
· Sheets can be ordered pre-cut according to desired size
· Proper estimation is required to avoid excesses

On Remodeling

· Metal tops can be installed over existing roof, no need to remove the old one


· It's incredible durability makes it a versatile building material
· It's lineup of flexible profile and design makes it also ideal for residential structures
· Can be used as wall covering
· For a modern and unique look, shapes and colors may be combined

Material types

· Corrugated galvanized steel – wrought iron steel coated with zinc
· Zincalume – a blend of zinc, aluminum and silicon-coated steel
· Metal tile sheets – usually painted or stone-coated steel
· Stainless steel – comes in roll forms
· Aluminum – on of the most durable materials but also one of the most expensive
· Copper – usually used for smaller areas such as entrance ways
· Stone coated steel – these panels are made from zinc / aluminum coated steel and with acrylic gel coating
· Inverted Box Rib (IVR) – used primarily in the South African markets because of the low cost and its square roofing; very ideal for beginning entrepreneurs


· Ceramic coatings
· Nanotechnology solar reflective coatings


· For Utility Grade, re-coating is required once the surface finish has faded or corroded.
· For stainless steel, zinc or copper, roofing maintenance is a result of installation mistakes.
· Metal roofs with Kynar finish typically do not require maintenance. In existence for about 50 years now, this type of metal roof is considered as a lifetime product.

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