All About the Roofing Shingles

Replacing your roof, is a job that takes time. It needs proper research. It is a job that needs proper research along with decisions on color, shingles, warranties etc. it is a job that has to be taken quite seriously, or ends up in disastrous results.

Hire a roofer

Do your researches before you hire a roofer. Take referrals. Refer with the Better Business Bureau. Have all the homework done. It is no hard job to find the investment details on roof installation. Quality installation is what prompts you from faltering down the road. Ensure and verify that your roofer is completely insured and licensed. Make sure you do not get into trouble, if your roofer falls off the roof.

Replacing the roof

Torn, damaged, missing shingles, water leaks, holes in the roof are all indications that you actually need to get work started on replacing the roof. Any delay in the process will only lead to worse results, repairing the roof does not fix the problem. It actually has to be replaced.

Architectural and traditional shingles

The latest additions to shingles are the architectural shingles. People, who are actually looking to have newer styles in the upgrade to the roofing styles and techniques. Architectural shingles cost about 20% more than what traditional ones might cost you. Heavier, more resilient and thicker leading to better and increased results, with a longer warranty are actually better than the traditional ones.

Picking the colors

Ask your roofer for samples. Ask if they can actually have shingles that will lead to better understanding of the end results. Get two or three samples and hang them by your home. Look at them from a distance and then decide exactly which looks best on you.

Once you have finalized on the color, ask your roofer for homes that have the same roofing. This will get you an idea on what exactly your home will look like after you are done.

Layering or stripping

Start from scratch. This will let you know of all rotting and problems that lie way below the surface. In case you are planning to rebuild your roof, a fresh start will give you a fresher take on things.


After all the damage has been found and evaluated. As the old is removed check that the tar paper has been laid put up the shingles on horizontal lines, keep the shingle rows parallel and even.


The warranties are actually to be met for your time period. Get the appropriate receipts. And keep them safe.

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