Aluminum Roof Shingles – Learn All About It

Modern aluminum roof shingles have been designed with an unique 4-way interlocking system. This type of shingle is highly durable and very efficient in terms of its long-life. The interlocking system makes these shingle unique and are responsible for their long life.

Advantages Of Aluminum Roof Shingles

These roofing shingles are great for any type of building. Being strong, very light and with their strong interlocking system, these shingles do not suffer the problems faced by other roofing systems like curl, rot, crack or breakages. Over several decades the materials ages very lightly. They are not affected by rusting commonly seen in metals like steel, they do not develop streaks over the years, their finish remains almost the same with little scratching. They are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and even with extreme variations in weather there is not much difference to the roofing. These advantages become more obvious when you compare them against other roofing choices.

Let's Compare Other Shingles With Aluminum Roof Shingles

Take asphalt shingle, the most popular roofing choice in America. They are cheap, economic and durable. Light weight and easy to install and are found in 80 percent of the homes and buildings in America. The biggest draws with this roofing is that excess heat dries it out and makes the home underneath hot. This increases your cooling costs significantly. It also needs frequent replacement. The build-up of snow and ice is big problem on asphalt roofs. Aluminum roof shingles avoids these problems due its its superior design and general characteristics.

Wood was a popular choice till a century ago. But, the development of cheaper and safer options like asphalt reduced its use. It carries significant risk of fire. Over time due to exposure to heat and moisture it deteriorates, rots and curls. Aluminum roof shingles do not face this problem. They are resistant to moisture and heat. Their effective interlocking systems prevents curls and breakages. They do not loosen or crack due to exposure to elements. Their superior interlocking system offers them several advantages.

Steel and other metal roofs retain heat longer than aluminum. Also these metals need extra coating to prevent corrosion and other weather related problems. Not aluminum shingles. They also do not suffer from problems related to repeated expansion and contracting causing the loosing of other metal shingles.

Cement is a versatile roofing tile It but they are so heavy that installing them is a labor intensive task. It ages poorly and suffers from snow and ice damage. They are brittle and can not be walked on unlike aluminum roofing shingles which can take you weight and some more without damage. As the shingles are placed close to tar paper and the plywood sheathing, the roofs are quite insulating and do not transmit outside noise to the interiors of the home.

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