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Architectural Shingles – Ask Your Roofing Contractor About the New and Improved Asphalt Shingles!

Does your home have curling or missing shingles? Is your roof starting to develop leaks? Are you 16 years into a 15-year roof? When the time comes to replace your roof, be sure to ask your roofers about architectural shingles. Also known as dimensional shingles, this type of roof can provide great benefits for your home. Although they were first introduced in the 1970s, it is only in the last decade that these asphalt shingles have become increasingly popular. But with their beautiful appearance and durable performance it is not hard to see why!


While traditional three-tab asphalt shingles provide a flat, smooth appearance, architectural shingles bring your home a more textured appearance somewhat similar to a cedar shake roof. That is because dimensional shingles have a raised profile that offers a high-end, striking contour line to any roof. Available in a full palette of colors just like three-tab shingles, these shingles are a beautiful complement to any style home.


But even better than great looks, dimensional shingles also provide superior durability and performance to protect your home better and longer than regular three-tab shingles. There are numerous reasons for this difference. For starters, architectural shingles are constructed with a heavier base than most traditional asphalt shingles. Then, additional layers of roof material are built up on the base to create the textured, cedar-shake look iconic of architectural shingles. This design means that many dimensional shingles can easily withstand winds up to 120mph. And all shingles with this new, high-tech design are highly resistant to curling and other types of damage and deterioration. For a vivid illustration of the differences between three-tab and architectural shingles, ask your roofing contractors to show you examples of both side-by-side and the contrasts will be more than obvious. For better performance, choose the more substantial shingle!

So if you have noticed that your home is in need of roof replacement, do not just fall back on using old-school three-tab shingles for your new roof. Architectural shingles can provide you with the exquisite appearance and long-lasting durability your home deserves. Contact your local roofing contractor today to learn more.

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