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Asphalt Emulsion Coating Roof Products Explained

The problem with built up hot tar roofs, is they’re expensive to have laid down, and they eventually do wear out. It’s surface exposure that in the end, is the real culprit. They expand, and contract from sun exposure, and are beaten on by rain and hail. So then what about asphalt emulsion coating roof products?

You Roll it on With a Roller-Brush

These types of roof coatings are in fact water based. Just like paint, they roll on with a roller-brush, and dry rock solid in a matter of a few hours. This of course means that you can buy them in 5 gallon tubs, and apply them yourself. Do be aware that they can be messy if you’re not careful though.

These Coating Roof Products are Made From Coal

They’re made out of coal, and because they are in fact a tar, they make fantastic coverings for hot tar roofs. In fact some professional roofing companies use asphalt emulsion for the top coat on brand new built up hot tar roofs they install. They’re just that good.

They are Available With Additives

Asphalt emulsion coating roof products are also available with additives such as reflective aluminum powder, and fiberglass. The fiberglass helps to prevent cracking, and the aluminum powder is added to help reflect the sun. For even more reflection, you can paint the dried surface plain white though.

Not Recommended for Major Leak Issues

Be aware though that in spite of some manufacturer’s claims that their asphalt emulsion coating roof products can stop leaks, you really can’t count on them to do so. Sure they’ll cover minor cracks, and holes, but if you have serious leak problems, you need to do some patchwork prior to coating your roof.

Roll them on in Optimal Weather Conditions

Instead, look at these types of products as an added barrier to protect your roof from the elements. Something that should be applied when the roof is new, that can add up to ten more years to its life. You need to also read the instructions carefully, and make sure to roll it on in optimal temperature, and weather conditions.

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