Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofing and shingles is the most popular and common roofing application that you will see on homes and other buildings today. There are many reasons as to why this is the most frequently used type of roof. It has a lot to do with cost effectiveness, looks, and many other factors. Here is some information, benefits, and facts on asphalt roofing.

The first thing to look at is why this type of roofing is the most popular. The main reason is because they present a very durable option for the roof of a home. Even though they aren’t the most durable on the market, they still can last over ten years without having any problems. Another reason why is because this type of roof can complement the style of any home.

What asphalt shingles are is fiberglass mixed with asphalt. Because of this combo they have great resistance to heat and other factors that could potentially damage the roof of your home. They come in small sections and they are installed on roofs in rows. All that is required during the installation is to nail down each row. The next row will overlap the previous to create a protective barrier on top of your roof. This will prevent leaks and form the shingles into one large unit, which improves the durability.

This type of shingle comes in different architectural styles and can come in different shades of color. That helps to make asphalt roofing a good choice for any home that you see, whether it be moderate in size or very large. Choosing the right style and shade can be assisted by your roofing installer if you just can’t figure out what will look the best on your home.

After the installation process you will receive a warranty on your shingles that lasts decades. What this warranty covers is defects and not damage from weather. If your roof is damaged by a storm, tornado or consistent heat, it is possible to have your roof fixed or replaced under your insurance. A roofing installer will be able to tell you what caused damage to your existing shingles and can even work with your insurance company on getting you a new roof installed.

Between a relatively low cost and the chance of having your insurance pay for a new roof, asphalt roofs are by far the most economic and best choice for any home owner no matter what the circumstances are.

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