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Asphalt Roofing

Roofing of a house is an important feature. It is the roof which protects you from the forces of nature. So it is important for you to pay a lot of attention and have a lot of planning before choosing the type of roofing for your house. The roof of your house should be strong enough and durable enough to get all withering caused due to different weather seasons. A roof should be water proof and resistant to fire so that it protects your house from rain, snow and from sun's sizzling heat.

Roofs can be of a number of different designs and materials. A basic roof construction will include a framework and material. A house roof can be of five materials asphalt, concrete, tiles, slate and metal.

Asphalt shingle roofing for a house has become quit popular these days. Their versatility, adaptability and economic values ​​have been proved to be so captivating that they have now taken over market's 80 percent share. Asphalt shinglees are very inexpensive and are quite easy to construct. They belong to a great level of quality and modern style and can easily coexist with a large number of roof pitches for your house. They may also be instantiated with lots of different features, from sides to exhausts and flashings.

Basically there are two varieties of asphalt roofing shingles present in the market: fiberglass and organic-mat shingle. Both the shinglees are clearly made from asphalt, but the basic difference lies in the reinforcing base – the later one uses fiberglass whereas the former one uses a wooden based mat made from cellulose fibers.

The organic mat requires two separate coatings of asphalt – soft asphalt for the purpose of saturation and above that a harder one for the protection of the shingles. However, the fiberglass shingles need only one coating of hard asphalt. Fiberglass shingles are more popular because of their light weight, ease of transportation and fire resistance.

While purchasing asphalt shingles, the thing that you should consider is how much a brand meets the specified industry standards, apart from the warranty it provides. For fiberglass, you need to make sure that your purchased product meets the industry standards such as ASTM D-3462 that stands for the shingles are able to withstanding harsh circumstances and frequent nail withdrawals and tears. In the last decade only some shingles have met these standards. All the shinglees are tested by Underwriter's Laboratory and the ones which pass the tests come with a logo of UL and also its certification.

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