Benefits of Copper Roofing

If you are looking for a way to make your new roof stand out, copper roofing may just be the statement you are seeking. Copper begin with that brilliant metallic shine that is so well known and loved, and ages into something even more prized – the bluish green patina that only copper can provide. There are also many copper roofing accessories available to add a little pizazz to your roof, such as copper finials, lightning rods and copper weather vanes to suit any taste.

Beside its looks, a copper roof provides many advantages: it has a long life expectancy, is environmentally conscious and has a high fire rating. A typical asphalt roof has a life expectancy of twenty to thirty years, while a copper shingle roof has a expectation of over a hundred years, with many manufacturers providing a warranty of thirty to fifty years. Copper roofs also tend to reflect heat rather than absorb heat. This can help slightly with the cost of cooling your house during the summer.

Copper roofing is an environmentally friendly choice as well. The majority of copper roofing and copper shingles are made from recycled copper. Not only are the current roofs made of recycled materials, but the roof will be able to be recycled if it is ever replaced. This is not possible with traditional asphalt shingle.

In addition to being recycled and recyclable, copper is a very light-weight option for roofing. This is important because it does not require as much support as old-style asphalt roofs. If you are building a new roof, less lumber and hardware can be used to build the frame. Because copper is so light weight, you can lay copper shingles or copper sheeting right over an existing roof without having to demolish the old roof. This can help keep a bit of construction material out of our landfills. Because demolition of the old roof does not need to be completed, installation can often be done fairly quickly.

While copper sheeting almost always requires installation by a professional, copper shingles have been designed so that a home-owner with a decent amount of skill should be able to install his own roof with the help of a few basic and specialized tools. Whatever your copper roof is made of sheeting or shingles, your copper roof will be beautiful.

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