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Build a Roof Solar Panel

I know you have heard a lot of great ways to save money but none of them really worked. Having a roof solar panel is a sure way to save money on energy because a solar panel turns the sun light into pure energy that can be used in your house. Against having a solar panel speaks only the price because buying a solar pane costs up to $ 5000 and not everyone can afford this. But you can do it like me and make your own solar panel for less then 300 $. The installation part is easy and you should know that there are only a few steps that must be followed in order to build a solar panel. You do not need any technical skills and all the components can be bought at your local hardware store or on the internet. The work can be finished in just a few days and after that you will generate your own energy.

The great thing about a solar panel is it's efficiency, you may have heard that it has no use to have a solar panel because it generates little energy but this is not true. I am generating 80% of the energy that I use in my house so I have to pay only 20% to the electric company. In summer days, when there is more sun, I generate more energy then I use and so the electric company sends me a check at the end of the month instead of a bill.The whole world is now in an economic crises and we should think about how to change the way we act.

Bulling a roof solar panel can help you in many ways. You start to generate free energy and save money on energy that you can use for the things you like. But here is, in my opinion, the best aspect: you can make a lot of money by building solar panels for other people. Once you finished building your own solar panel you will be able to build more of them and these should be a very nice source of income. Everybody knows that a house that generates it's own energy has a larger value then one that gets it's electricity from an electric company. So there are many reasons to start building roof solar panels.

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