Building A Pole Building

Pole barns are built in many shape and sizes, depending on the needs of the individuals who want one built. Some people build them no larger than sheds you might store seasonal things in. Some farmers use pole buildings as barns that they use to store their farm animals in. No matter how you use them, there always a good investment. These buildings could be what persuades a home buyer into buying your home. Something else about pole barns, if you happen to run out of storage room, you can add on to them fairly easy.

You should start out your barn by excavating a nice flat surface in the area you want to build. You can generally get pole building kits through your lumber company. This kit gives charts on what size of poles’ you will need to construct your pole building. And will give you the proper spacing for the post to carry the load of the roof system. It will list the lumber you need and size of the steel that goes on the side and roof. If you already know how to build a pole barn you pretty much know what you need and where it goes.

You want to lay out where your post are going to go so you can pre dig the holes to the proper depth and put your concrete in to make the post pad. After you pour the cement into the post holes you should let the concrete set over night. In the morning you are ready to set the post. You should set the four corner post in first then pull a diagonal dimension so you have your building square. After you get the corners established you can run a string around the perimeter and use that as a guide line to set the rest of your post. After the post, are set and plum you want to start putting the banding round your post. This is done with two by fours spaced about every two foot apart and will run the length of the structure. The top banding will most likely be two by twelve planks.

After you get the banding on the sides you can set your trusses and put runners on top of the trusses to fasten your steel roof to. After the trusses are all framed in you can install the steel on the roof. Before you install the sheeting on the walls of you pole barn you will want to poor the concrete slab. Pouring the floor is much easier with the steel left off the walls. Then after your cement floor is finished you can fasten the sheeting to the side walls. Then have your overhead door installed.

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