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Building Solar Panels – How Simple

Are you looking to build your own solar panels, probably because the cost of buying a solar panel is through the roof. A typical home uses 300 watts of power per day, and if you were to go and buy sufficient solar – panels to produce that amount you would need to spend close to ten thousand dollars. Now for a regular family throwing ten thousand dollars towards some solar panels is not a viable option.

That is why I opted for building solar panels. I will show you want you need, and how to avoid costly mistakes. This seemed a little easier then out wind generator that took us a little while to assemble, but was still quite easy with the guide that we followed.

What you need

  • A guide – these are readily available on the net

  • Some simple tools and a clean work place

  • Make sure the guide is tested, and easy to follow – some guides are complicated and end up taking to much of your time and money

    The guide that we used focused on installing solar – panels, but there was also a section that covered building your own. We set off and starting following their instructions to the letter. Some of the guides online even talk about how you can sometimes get solar panels for free, but we will not cover that.

    First you need something to mount the solar cells on. Preferably a piece of plywood, you can use OSB material but plywood is more durable and last better in the weather. OSB will absorb the water when it rains and this can ruin your project. To build your own solar – panels you will need to do some soldering to get the appropriate tool.

    Always wear safety equipment, when working

    Basically building solar – panels is quite easy but you have to know where to get the solar panels. Once you have acquainted the solar panels it's a matter of soldering the negative and positives wires to make a completed panel. Once you have done this you can mount the solar panel and run the wires. Depending on how much power you are supplying, you can either hook them up to run your washer and dryer, charge batteries, hook them up directly to your meter. You have a few different options but make sure to find a guide , and follow their instructions.

Let me tell you, its pretty cool to see my meter spinning the other way, yeah its taken some work but I now get checks from the electrical company, and I never have to worry about paying them again. Building solar – panels was a fun project.

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