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Challenges Home Inspectors Face During an Inspection

A home inspection is a visual assessment of the structure and components of a home, so a clear view of those areas is crucial for a good home inspection. Unfortunately, for various reasons, they are not always easily viewed, which can be frustrating to a home inspector trying to perform a thorough inspection. The average home also has many potential issues that can be a challenge for even the most experienced inspector. Furniture, household items, boxes, attics, roofs, crawlspaces and barking dogs are just a few of the challenges home inspectors may come across when completing their inspection.

Furniture, household items and moving boxes are common obstacles around which a home inspector may have to maneuver in order to complete an inspection. Of course, since some of those objects can be quite heavy and difficult to move, the inspector cannot be held responsible for moving them during an inspection. Thus, it is important for home owners to move any obstacle in preparation for a home inspection, because any area that is not readily visible is not available for inspection. Although major components of the house should not be blocked, it is not necessary for a house to be completely empty to obtain a good home inspection. Electrical outlets are one of the most commonly blocked areas that require inspection, so it is advisable to at least move furniture away from walls that need to be inspected.

Dogs make great pets for home owners, but they are typically territorial and sometimes aggressive. Many dogs are friendly with strangers, while others are not, and home inspectors should not have to worry about which sort will be at the door. If the dog follows the home inspector or is continuously barking, this can be a major distraction and could slow down the inspection. In some cases, a home inspection can be postponed because of a troublesome pet. Fortunately, this is another home inspection challenge that is easy for the home owner to prevent by removing the dog from the home during the inspection or locking it up in one area.

Home inspectors will also face certain unpreventable challenges that are simply part of the job. Attics, roofs and crawlspaces are often the most challenging and dangerous areas to inspect, so home inspectors are especially careful to take their time and make good judgments when approaching these components. Sometimes access to these areas will be limited due to the way the home was built, and other times access may be available but deemed unsafe by the inspector. Although these issues are expected by a home inspector, they still can offer quite the challenge to them.

Whether it is maneuvering around furniture, ignoring a home owner’s dog, navigating through attics, scaling roofs or sliding through crawlspaces, home inspectors face a number of challenges during a given home inspection. Home owners should try to make the process as easy as possible by moving furniture out of the way and removing pets for the inspection, but home inspectors will need to tackle most of those challenges head-on during their inspections.

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