Choosing the Correct Materials For a New, Beautiful Roof

Your roof is one of the largest investments a home owner can make. This protective covering serves so many different functions. Roofs keep us warm, dry and comfortable. They protect us and the home’s interior from all the elements and changing weather conditions. It also helps your home appear more attractive and valuable from outside.

So, choosing the right kind of roof is quite important. Think about factors such as external appearance, durability, cost, warranty, life of a roof and maintenance efforts.

There are so many styles of roofing materials available on the market. When the average person thinks about roofing materials, people automatically assume you are talking about wooden two by fours. However, there are so much other factors which go into installing a beautiful, new roof. There are nails, brackets, Spanish roof tiles or Mediterranean roof tiles.

Anymore, you can even choose to install a more stylish roof design by using different types of roofing materials such as Mediterranean roof tiles or terra cotta roofing tiles. A Mediterranean roof tile with terra cotta roofing tiles makes for a lovely a good combination. Mediterranean rof tile is fireproof, waterproof and mold-proof, which makes it very low maintenance. Spending a little extra money on roofing can prove to be a very wise investment in the long run.

Spanish roof tiles and terra cotta roofing tiles are the least commonly seen type of roofing mostly because they are a little pricier than other options. However, for certain style of homes, a Mediterranean roof tile simply looks gorgeous. Plus, Spanish clay roof tiles last the longest on the market. A roof with Spanish roof tiles can last over one hundred years if installed properly. Tile roofing materials are heavier than typical shingles and require a more specialized installation. Hire an expert to properly install them.

Other types of roofing materials include asphalt shingles, shakes, wooden shingles, various types of sheet metal, plastic membrane or rubber, coal tar, build up and roll roofing. You also have the choice of using a mixture of multiple materials. There are more and more choices coming out in the industry of roofing everyday as technology increases. It’s up to you to ultimately choose what you want for your home.

Which type of roofing materials is the best? This is a question contractors always hear. The answer depends on a number of factors that include the pitch of your roof, the style you would like, your budget and the type of climate you live in. Never forget these factors when deciding the type of Spanish roof tiles to choose.

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