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Choosing the Right Roof Shingles For Your Home

Choosing the right roof can be a challenging task to tackle due to all the factors you have for your Florida home. Such as the weather witch consist of hurricanes and tropical storms. Extreme heat and humidity mixed with a ton of rain and crazy lighting. Who ever said lighting never strikes the same place twice has never lived in Florida.

Let's start with the Florida sun first see your roofing shingles must be able to handle the constant blazing sun. You roof needs to protect you from that extreme heat and reflect the heat away as much as possible. Humidity is a huge factor in Florida. You have huge coastlines as well as swamps and lakes everywhere. Some parts of the year you have rain almost everyday. The humidity makes everything swell and the heat makes everything expand so all the seams and valleys are going to be under constant attack.

The rain is crazy sometimes and water is your biggest enemy. Your roofing shingles main purpose is to not leak. You can have huge mold and water damage can cause thousands of dollars in damage through your house. The wind and lighting is sometimes extremely dangerous so your roof shingles need to be wind resistant and if possible have a lightning protection system built in or on the roof.

If you live near the beaches and all that salt water you can have big problems. Salt will erode and eat away almost anything after time or it builds up on the shingles. All these factors will play a role in what materials you use and the construction, installation and handling of everything. Your contractor needs to understand the weather and be familiar with the Florida elements.

Before you purchase any type of roofing material you will want to ensure that it offers you a warranty and some type of guarantee. Discussing the guarantees that the roofer will offer is also important. Understand even if you follow all the guidelines and your contractor has done everything possible nothing will hold up to a category 4 or 5 hurricane. Different shingles will be guaranteed for certain lengths of time so that also needs to be taken into consideration when you're choosing the roofing shingles for Florida.

Some of the best choices for your Jacksonville, Florida home or any other city you may live in is going to be metal or clay. You will find many great styles and choices of colors for both of these materials.

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