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Color Your World: How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roo…

Although the first job of shingles is to protect the house, they’re also a major component of your residence’s visual appearance. Thanks to the variety of modern materials, there’s no need to settle on a drab color. Here are some tips for picking out an appealing roofing style.

Take a Drive

Before your project commences, take a drive around the neighborhood to get a better idea of the commonly used colors. Be sure to look at houses that are similar in style, size, and shape. Since there are so many options available, it helps to look at the finished product before making a decision. Looking at similar houses provides the best preview of what your home will look like.

Let There Be Light

When looking at shingle samples, be sure to match them up to your home in daylight, lamplight, and the shade. You will see a difference in how the shingles look in these conditions; be sure to select a material and color that shines throughout the day.

A Personal Preference

Although the color of shingles is ultimately a personal preference, homeowners should keep in mind that the color should contrast with the home’s exterior, rather than match it. An exterior that’s colored too similarly creates a boring, monotone look. Given the cost of upgrading roofing, it is also important to temper personal preferences with some consideration of what future buyers may find attractive.

That Line About Location Still Applies

Don’t overlook the importance of location when considering an upgrade. For instance, a house located in the Deep South, where it’s warm a considerable amount of the year, may benefit from something that’s lighter in color in order to reflect the heat. However, houses in areas that are cold for a few months out of the year will benefit from a darker roof that absorbs heat. That’s not to say that a homeowner should choose a darker-colored roof just because they live in a cold climate, but they should be mindful of the potential energy savings.

Consider the Resale Value

Keep any plans to sell the home in mind when choosing a shingle color. This is a big investment that should last two decades, so it will have an effect on the sale. A bold and bright choice may be just the thing for you, but that’s not everyone’s preference. Going with a more neutral roofing color can protect the resale value of a home. Don’t risk a buyer who loves the inside being completely turned off by the color of the roof.

Upgrading your home’s roofing is a big decision. It’s best to do as much research as possible before deciding on not only the color of the singles but the type as well. Keep in mind that this is an investment that can improve the value of your home as well as its exterior presentation. With some research and a bit of help from your roofing contractor, you’re sure to be pleased with the finished product.

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