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Commercial Roof Cleaning – A Necessary Activity to Be Done

It is not only the office promises but also the other areas of the building where the office is located as well as surroundings which need to be clean so that there is an atmosphere of hygiene and cleanliness. Even homes need regular cleaning of their roofs to maintain high levels of hygiene and to ensure there is no accumulation of disease causing bacteria.

The roofs of commercial establishments do tend to gather algae, moss and other types of matter which over time lead to blockage of the drain gutters and create stagnation of water that can not be flushed out. This build up of waste matter due to vagaries of weather should not be allowed to develop as cleaning them later will involve greater effort and time. If done regularly, it should not be an expensive or time consuming affair and ideally should be done at least once a week.

There are professional roof cleaning agencies that undertake this activity and do so keeping in view all the approved and required safety as well as hygiene procedures. They also possess the relevant equipment to do a thorough job. All that is required from your part is to contact them and you will get a quotations within a day to enable you to decide the next steps.

The climate plays a major role in the accumulation of such moss or algae and they are more prevalent where there is shade due to trees or where there is dampness or moisture. This can be caused due to aging tiles or semi porous surfaces that do not allow total drainage of water with the result, the accumulation of moisture and dampness takes place over time.

While it is true that moss or algae does not cause harm to the tiles, they create an environment where the deterioration of the tiles can take place in a faster manner and that can quickly spread across other parts of your roof, which will force you to replace all the tiles.

Moss is also thought about by spores that are transported by the wind from the trees and they accumulate in the form of balls on the roof, while taking their food from algae. Some of these balls do fall into drain gutters and cause clogging and that is why it is imperative to ensure regular cleaning of the roofs.
Lichens are yet another type of matter that is different to both moss and algae. They are highly sensitive to general pollution unlike moss and are therefore not found in areas with a high density of traffic. They are also capable of damaging the tiles and need to be cleaned up.

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