Commercial Roofing-Residential Roofing – Problems That Can …

Here are some roofing problems that can occur:

  1. Many common roofing problems occur because of poor or incorrect installation. You need to hire a company who you can trust that their materials (such as roof coatings) are right by abiding by the manufacturers' specifications.

  2. Roof damage and possible leakage due to satellite mount

  3. Architectural shingles slipping due to improper nail placement, allowing leakage.

  4. Shingle damage caused by installation of gutter leaf guards.

  5. Flashing that is improperly installed, permitting leaks.

  6. Metal ridge vent, that can easily lift off of ridge by high wind gases, permitting leaks.

  7. Gutter not installed improperly, making it possible for water to flow over and cause shingle damage.

  8. Chimney that is without a cricket or saddle which is a wood-framed structure that keeps water away and prevails the collection of debris and water.

  9. Plumbing boot deterioration.

  10. Tree branches touching shingle surfaces, making it possible for abrading of granules from shingle material and making it possible for deterioration to occur.

  11. Heat vents that are deteriorating. It is important for these vents to be in good shape.

  12. Hail damage on roof vent.

  13. Roof vent is not in good shape.

  14. Ice dam effect: Downspout is installed way too close to the roof surface.

  15. Downspouts are not installed to prevent ice dam effect.

  16. Commercial Roofing Problems:

  • Pitch Pans – Properly installed and maintained Pitch Pans seal around pipes to prevent leakage by allowing water to run down a pipe and finding its way into the roof.

  • Blown Off Chimney and Vent Caps-Chimney and Vent Caps must be properly installed to prevent getting blown off from windy conditions.

  • Roof Leaks – What may appear to be a leaking roof may not be one at all. Masonry walls and mortar joints must be properly installed and maintained to prevent water from penetrating them resulting in the roof looking as if it were leaking. Brick walls should be pointed to replace and damaged mortar and masonry walls should be sealed to stop any water from entering them.

  • Commercial Roofing Clogged Drains – Drains must remain clear in order to prevent stress from the weight of heavy water to accumulate on a low sloped or flat roof. Damage can be done to the roof and building if the drains are not cleared occasionally.

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