Common Roof Leaks

While you are managing a home, it is no surprise that constant wear and tear demands your time and attention. Overflowing sink, cracking floor, dripping shower and the like are some of the examples. For most of these problems, you trust your instincts and gear up to take up the job yourself. However, if your roof is leaking, the best thing will be to call the professionals to do the job for you.

More than often, the underlying reason for roof problems is associated with weather. The seasonal changes bring in such a problem on a frequent basis, which is why one should know how to solve this problem. If in spite of proper roof maintenance your roof is leaking, it is best for you to repair a leaking roof as soon as it occurs.

Roof leak repairing

1. Identifying a roof leak

Water damage spreads very quickly. A small leak could eventually lead to a bigger one. Some of the leaks are because of simple issues like a crack in flashing or probably a torn shingle. This means repairing a roof leak could be easier than you think. If you are not able to fix the problem, or the repair you made is not supporting the leak, it is time to seek professional help.

2. Shingles bar

Over time, a single shingle will unavoidably be damaged because of downpour and storms. If a single shingle is damaged, then it would be easy for you to fix it using a hammer and chisel. You simply replace the old damaged piece with a new one. This is necessary because your home is made up of thousands of shingles and one damaged piece could lead to a lot of bigger problems. If a couple of them have been damaged, then it is necessary for you to get it fixed immediately, while may also be involving professional help.

Storms, especially the ones that come during the summer monsoon season, usually do end up damaging shingles. That means that this problem is likely to hit you annually, which gives you enough incentive and opportunity to learn repairing a leaking roof.

3. Chimney Seep

No matter what you do, the paint on your chimney will never be permanent. It will see off. The solution to this lies in a rain cap. The best option you have on hand is a rain cap made of copper. Galvanized rain caps are also good for use, but stainless ones are better, while the ones made of copper are the best in quality.

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