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Copper Finials Add Elegance To Your Home

Copper Roof Finials are an elegant addition to the exterior of a home. They will add value and curb appeal to your residence for many years. Over time, the appearance of the copper finish will take on beautiful light green highlights from oxidation of the metal over a long period of exposure to weather elements. This effect is referred to as the patina of the metal and is combined with the bronzing of the natural copper. Architects, designers and home owners want to achieve this look and view it as a considerable asset to the property. If your preference is to keep the original color of the copper that can easily be achieved by pre-treating the metal chemically to preserve the natural appearance. Either way, finials will provide a rich and exclusive enhancement to any home!

Copper finials are a decorative item that can be purchased in many different sizes and style configurations. They can also be custom ordered to accommodate a design or character features related to the specific project. Standard size options are typically 2.0′ ft. to around 6.0′ ft. in height. The width and circumference will vary based on the design style that is appropriate for the application. Style options are virtually unlimited based on individual preference. Traditional styling has been related primarily to English Medieval and Victorian time periods respectively. This can be seen with popular ornamental productions of Gargoyles, Dragons and other myth related figures and images. Victorian styles are extremely popular worldwide to include pointed or spike finials, ball and fleur-de-lys. Other style options that are standard include finials incorporated with weather vanes, compasses, address numbers and crosses!

Installation is something that can be done by either an individual property owner or a professional roofing company. A roof mounting bracket that is designed specifically for the type and style of roof that the finial will be mounted onto is essential for a quality installation. Brackets are available through the supplier that distributes the finials. Copper covers that fit around or over the brackets are also available or can be easily fabricated for the specific project. These hide the bracket from view if that portion is visible from the street or upper floor windows of the structure.

Prior to purchasing or fabricating the bracket cap/cover; one should measure the pitch or angle of the roof in order to have an accurate fit to the roof line. This will not only customize the installation appearance but functionally keep water, debris and insects/pests from invading the interior area or possibly even entering the roofing structure causing unwanted damage. Care should also be taken by applying silicone caulking inside the finial tube to seal it to the mounting bracket black rod. Silicone caulking should also be applied around the base of the bracket cap or cover to keep unwanted moisture out.

As you can see the selection options for copper roof finials are many. The value they add to your building structure is significant! Always take care in utilizing the proper implementation process and materials when installing these items.