Cost Effective Temporary Structures for Great Events

Having a roof over your head is very important, especially when you are conducting an important event like a wedding or throwing an office party for your clients. While there are various options available when it comes to choosing a venue, many people prefer fabric structures over concrete, steel or wood structures. This is not only due to the cost but also due to the numerous benefits fabric structure offers.


The use of fabric structures dates back to over 44,000 years ago by the people in Ice Age. It is believed that the shelters were constructed by them using animal skins. Fabric structures were widely used by nomadic people and the first one that was used was a loosely woven black tent. These tents were also used as Storage Tents to store food, as overhead shelter and to protect livestock by Native American, Tibetan and Bedouin nomads. Later in the 19th century, tensile membrane structures were introduced by a German engineer that can became very popular and played a significant role in the world of architecture and interior design.


One of the popular choices for people planning to conduct a major event is the Clear Span Structure which offers total flexibility when it comes to construction. It can be set up in a short time regardless of where you want it. These structures allow natural light to enter through and you can save money on installing artificial lights. Depending upon the event, Clear Span Structures gives you the flexibility of designing it anyway you wants. Since there are no columns or pillars running inside the structure there is a lot of room for one to use it anyway they desire. These structures offer the elegance and grandeur necessary to be impress your guests.


Whether you are using it as Storage Tents or for a fund raiser event, these fabric structures are very easy to install. Because of a higher ceiling, it provides a lot of storage space. The term ‘fabric’ can be any material or membrane used to be construct these structures and they are typically constructed out of woven base cloths of different strength. This is then protected by a coating which will make it weather resistant and offer complete thermal, water protection and UV resistance. Finding a good supplier will be ensure you that you get the best design and quality for your money.

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