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Different Types of Storage Shed Roofs

There are many types of shed roofs. The roof design you choose for your shed will have a lot to do with its function. Some designs make your shed better for storage than others. Other designs make your shed a good place to grow plants or use as an office. Still other roof designs will give the shed added strength and the ability to hold up against extreme weather events.

Using a gable or gambrel roof on your shed will make it better suited for storage. These designs give you lots of storage space above your head. The gable design of is a two-sided roof with the shape of an A-frame. The gambrel roof is also known as a barn roof and also has two sides. Each side has two sections, each with a slightly different slope. The gambrel roof is more complicated to build then the roof roof, but does not give you a little more storage space in the loft.

The clerestory roof is an excellent choice if you need lots of natural light inside the shed. This type of roof has a row of windows in it. This design makes the structure ideal for use as an office or growing plants. It is also a very attractive design.

The hipped roof is another design often seen in both homes and storage sheds. It is a four-sided roof and is very sturdy. It gives the shed added strength with regards to high winds.

Understanding the function of your shed will help you choose the appropriate shed roof design. Consider using proven storage shed plans to help with this decision.

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