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Do It Yourself Roof Repair – Can You Do the Small Jobs Your…

There are certain types of fixes you can do that lend themselves easily to a do it yourself roof repair. And, there are others that are better left to the professional contractors. If you have noticed a leak you should address the problem immediately. There are some areas on your roof that are simply prone to leaking.

These are found in the places where an element is placed through the roof, such as a chimney, skylight, vent or pipe. Also in the group of vulnerable spots are all the areas where flashing is installed to redirect the water. These areas are the valleys, where two rooflines intersect, and the eaves and rakes around the edges of the house.

If you have inspected these areas and determined you can perform a do it yourself roof repair, there are some things to keep in mind as you proceed. The first is always safety. Depending on the slope of your roof and the materials used in the system, it may be very slippery or unstable to walk on the surface.

At this point it would have been better to hire a professional. If the conditions are such that you can travel the surface without taking a trip to the emergency room, then proceed with caution.

Keep in mind as you are on the roof in the middle of your do it yourself roof repair that every step you take can possibly damage the surface. It is not, after all, made to be walked upon! If you see that some of the flashing is misshapen or bent you can use roof cement to repair and reseal the areas.

It is important to thoroughly clean the old mortar and caulk from off and around the surfaces before applying a new coat. You should also use a wire brush to remove the small debris because this will prevent the new material from sealing correctly. Apply the new cement or caulk generously and inspect the entire area to guarantee coverage.

The other process that lends itself to a do it yourself roof repair is replacing single shingle or tiles. The less complicated the materials, the simpler the process. There are dozens of online resources for the specific instructions on how to replace asphalt, metal, clay, wood and slate.

Again, the process can be a little tricky with the last few mentioned. Do your research first so you do not cause further damage. In some cases a repair will adequately fix the problem, and therefore you will not have to completely replace the piece. Always remember that your safety comes first. . .

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