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Essential Copper Roofing Tools

If you are thinking about installing a copper roof, then you will need to have the right copper roofing tools at your disposal. Your copper roof won’t turn out nearly as nice if you use inefficient tools to get the job done. Why spend the money for beautiful roofing material and then use cheap or inefficient tools to install it? That defeats the purpose of your entire roofing project.

A couple of the very first things you will need for your new roof (if you are using copper panels) are special brackets and cleats to secure them into place on your roof. They are generally made out of stainless steel. In addition, you will need rosin paper which you will place between the tar paper and your copper. This will help prevent any future corrosion of your copper roof. You will use a crimping tool to crimp the cleats around your panels. These cleats are then secured in place by stainless steel screws. For areas around your chimney, you will need to solder your copper panels into place.

You will also need a seamer that is self-propelled. This makes it much safer for you and others when you are using it during the installation process. Use the seamer once your copper panels are securely fastened. All you have to do is clamp the seamer into place along the panel and it will self-propel up and down the seam.

You can buy copper (shingle) roofing kits that make it easy for you to install your own roof. Everything from cooper shingles to flashings and trim accessories are included. Many kits even include all the nails you’ll need. All you have to supply is the hammer, snips, ladder and experience to get a beautiful copper roof! These kits make it easy for you to have your roof done in a matter of hours.

Cooper roofing tools are an important part of any copper roofing project. Using them makes the entire installation process easier and much more enjoyable. Even non-experienced roofers can put on a beautiful copper roof that will last them for many, many years.

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