Fixing Flat Roofs in an Emergency

Roof repairs in poor weather are almost impossible to attempt. However on a flat roof where water is pooling, this is often the most important time to repair a roof. Standing water and roof leaks in harsh weather lead to costly water damage on the interior of the home. Some Denver roofing companies are using a new method to repair flat roofs. Instead of trying to rebuild the area around the leak in an emergency, they use a new product that seals leaks while sopping up standing water.

To use the product, Denver roofing companies spread the dehydrated particles over the leak area. When the particles come into contact with water they start draining to the leak as they expand. Sometimes the particles swell into a sealing gel inside the leak. This process is quick and can be done without advanced roofing labor.

Flat roofs are especially susceptible to leaks. Flat roofs are not supposedly to be completely flat to facilitate draining. However if the roof is too flat and water starts pooling, this often leads to leaks. Pooled water causes the structure to sag as water damage destroys structural support in the area. So while in sloped roofs leaks are often gradual, flat roof damage is often self-compounding.

Modern built up roofs are usually better at fighting pooled water because they have the waterproof membrane below all the insulation an other roofing materials. Denver roofing companies have problems finding leaks, because once the water gets under the attic it meanders, following beams and flowing downwards into the interior. Products like these are popular because they can be used by homeowners during a rain storm. Care must be taken when walking up high in weather, but consumers like the roof sealant because of the short period of time it takes. Calling a roofer will solve the source of the problem, but a consultation a week later is not going to help in a rain storm.

Built up roofs used to need dedicated maintenance personnel to fix leaks after every storm. Now any maintenance man without access to tar and other roofing materials can still seal the roof before it causes damage. After the storm, there are some construction repairs to do. The sealant mixture will stop the leak in a flat roof, but it should be then covered with whatever roofer materials the building is made of. Sealant does not stop tar and the like from binding to the surface.

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