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Fixing Leaky Flat Roofs

Leaky roofs are really annoying and it has caused a lot of problems in many homes. The problem with leaky roofs is that they tend to damage everything in its path. As soon as the rain starts to drip inside the house, it can destroy electrical wiring on the ceiling and it can start to destroy the ceiling wood itself.

Once the water has eaten through the wood, it will cause mold and mildew to grow and it will deteriorate the ceiling more. Once the water drips on the floor, it can damage a lot of your property. From electronics, to the flooring and even to carpets, the water will flow when it rains and we can never predict where it falls. This is why leaky roofs are very annoying, and must be deal with as soon as possible.

Flat roofs can be quite difficult to deal with when it leaks, but armed with the proper tool, you can fix it and you can stop its leaks. When this happens, you can start to look for pools of water in the melt and you can start to mop it up before you fix it.

Ones you have mopped up the area, you can then start to wipe dry the area and brush off the gravel that has fallen from the cracks. Once you have cleared the debris off, you can then start to look for blisters on the felt.

Once you are ready to fix the blister, you can use a sharp utility knife to open it up. Make sure that you open it deep enough to expose the whole felt but not damage the sound proofing layer benefit it. Lift the panel up and dry it, if the panels have risen up, water should be pressed out of it.

If the panels that caused the roof leak are too damaged, this should be the right time for you to call for professional help. If the damaged area is small and the problem is minor, you can try to blow torch the edges of the panels that you cut up to dry it up and seal it up again. Make sure that you do not burn it though and make sure that it is done properly.

Once the panel is fixed, you can apply a generous coat of roofing cement and you can firmly attach the panel back again. Seal up its side with galvanized nails and then cover up everything with roofing cement including the nails; this fixes your leaking roof.

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