Flat Roof – Resources and Information

People build houses to live comfortably. Just to make sure a ‘roof’ is on their head, under which they can live happily ever after. So, a roof has been a major design consideration while designing a building. In the ancient time people use timbers and in some areas grass to build houses. And at the beginning of the development of engineering design concepts, flat roof is the common roof structure. Flat roofs mean a flat or horizontal covering upon the house or building. Which usually make of re-enforced concretes? In some cases, CI sheets are also used. And it is the most common types of roof, which is used all over the world. The main cause is it is easy to build and economic compared to other types of roofs.

There are several types of flat roofs. Such as: Asphalt build up, EPDM, Modified bitumen, PVC membrane roofing, TPO, Coal-tar pitch build up roof etc.

The main thing about the flat roof is that as it is horizontal, so there must be slight inclination so that water can run off easily. And they main problem about a roof is its longevity and strength, with decreases if there is moisture. So, it should be build with such type of material that does not absorb water. But, there is still some problem about flat roof which is, it may be effective in hot countries but, in cold countries where snow falls is regular it may be dangerous. Snow will deposit on the roof and ultimately results cracking and destructions. So, it is not a good idea of using or building flat roof cold countries. Because, then there need regular cleaning of the roofs and also other materials must need to be used so that, snow can’t make any harm. But, it is costly. That’s why in cold countries roof slops are common.

The benefits of the flat roofs are: Full room space can be used under the roof; the roof-top can be used for vegetation or just to sit and for walking place. Solar panels can also be placed easily. Flat roofs, need to be maintained regularly. If there is water than drained it within 24-48 hours. After storm of heavy rainfall check the roof if there is any crack or other damage. Regular checking of roofs for deformities and cracks and repairing immediately are must be done. If proper care and management can be taken than your roof will last long and you will be able to live under a safe ‘roof’.

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