GAF-ELK Roofing Products – Timberline Series Shingles

Timberline series asphalt shingles are a laminated shingle. Timberline was one of the first GAF-Elk’s laminated asphalt roofing shingles ever made. They are laminated because due to the way they are made. They have two separate shingles, laminated shingles are actually two different shingles laminated together. These two laminated shingles are sealed together to make one extra thick shingle for maximum protection from the elements. The top section has the saw teeth which gives it the unique wood shingle look. The bottom section is the backer strip; this strip adds the strength and adds the depth needed to this shingle.

There are six shingles in the standard size GAF-Elk Timberline series. The Timberline Prestique Lifetime shingle which have a limited lifetime warranty, it has a 130 mph maximum wind warranty, and is a super heavyweight shingle. The Timberline Armor Shield II Shingles which has a lifetime limited warranty, 130 mph maximum limited wind warranty and of course is an impact resistant heavyweight shingle.

The next Timberline Prestique 40 shingles have a 40 year limited warranty, a 110 mph maximum limited wind warranty, and is also a heavyweight shingle. The next in line is the Timberline Prestique 30 asphalt tiles, this special material has a 30 year limited warranty, a 110 mph maximum limited wind warranty and is considered a mid-weight shingle. And finally, the Timberline Natural Shadow Shingles which carries a 30 year limited warranty, a 100 mph maximum limited wind warranty and comes in a mid-weight shingle.

Take note that in order to obtain the maximum wind coverage; the shingles must be installed using 6 nails per shingle and certain GAF-Elk starter strip products. Shingles must be also installed in accordance with application instructions, especially in regard to the nail placement.

Every GAF-Elk Timberline shingles are made using the most up-to-date materials, they come with various limited warranties for the homeowner to choose from. The many choices and color options make it the best advantage for the homeowner since it helps the homeowner to pick from the best shingle out there. With all the options and choices that come from deciding to what brand of shingle to use, to what color to use that will match the particular roof, there is no wonder that GAF-Elk is the number one choice for homeowner’s who are wondering and not quite sure of what to pick and use.

This wealth of information helps the homeowner to make the best choice to fit their life style for years to come.

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