General Fastening and Wind Resistance on Extremely Steep Sl…

GAF-Elk's Dura grip sealant is one of the strongest shingle sealants available. This sealant seals itself; it is designed to seal the shingles together after being installed. The sealant works with the sun as opposed to against the sun. The sun and warm temperatures activate the sealant and therefore bond the shingle together. The weather is what interferees with proper sealing of the shingles. If it is installed in cold weather, sealant may not seal until the following spring. When the sealant gets contaminated with dirt or grime, windblown dust or sand can coat the sealant and keep it from sealing properly.

Blow offs and damage before the sealing can seal are common issues with an new roof as well. When these blow offs occur before the thermal sealing can take place, it is not a shingle defect. If the fasteners are placed too high, this allows the sealant to get contaminated and then leads to a serious risk of blow offs.

Mansards and steep slopes that are 21/12 pitch or more, the shingles need to rest on the sealant. These shingles may not seal properly. When hand sealing these shingles, a two quarter sized dab of roofing cement per tab is needed to seal these shingles. The installation of 6 nails per shingle on standard size hinges is not required by GAF-Elk, but is required by some local building codes. This is very important; do not install any shingles on a vertical surface.

The hand sealing of shingles on the mansards and the steep slope roofs which are 21/12 or more is a requirement on the weather stopper golden pledge installation guidelines. You need to hand seal shingles in cold weather, the fall, or in the winter season. On steep slopes that are greater than 21/12 pitch slope. On all mansard roofs and in high wind locations.

You start by hand sealing applying two dabs of the roof cement to each shingle tab. For timberline shingle series you need to put four dabs and five dabs on the country mansion shingles. Too much shingle cement though can run down the shingle face or cause blistering. Press the shingle into the cement to fully seal these shingles.

For maximum protection on the rake edges, install weather watch or storm guard leak barrier to protect the rake edges from any water infiltrations. Seal the rake edge shingles for the upmost wind resistance security. Again, do not over apply the roof sealant.

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