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Grapene Wrap Coatings For Athletic Shoes to Improve Performance and Reduce Weight

We hear a lot about the high-tech materials of the future such as Bucky paper, Graphne Coatings, and Carbon Nano-tubes. However, when we think of these new high-tech materials we think of things like hypersonic aircraft, lunar colonies, and lightweight laptops. Of course, super lightweight materials that are ultra-strong sometimes even 250 times as strong as steel per weight have more than just a few uses.

For instance, your house could come with a super strong lightweight roof that would prevent snow from both accumulating, using an electrifying process, and able to withstand 10s of feet of snow build up without collapsing. In the Summer it could become transparent with the flip of the switch to see the stars. Seriously, all that is coming, and as long as we are talking about future uses, well;

What about simple things like golf clubs and bicycles? How about lightweight cars and motorcycles, buses, trains and trucks, yes all these will benefit, as these materials will use less fuel per mile and that's a good thing for conservation of energy, there is never any excuse to waste if you do not have to. What about our shoes that we use to do the walking?

If these shoes were ultra-strong and ultrathin, runners would have improved times in the Boston, LA, or New York City Marathon and all the Olympic events, would have broken records as times would also come down. Basketball players could jump higher, football players could accelerate faster, and soccer players could kick the ball like there is no tomorrow.

Workers would no longer need steel toe boots and soldiers would not get fat from long marchs, as their boots would weigh hardly anything and be strong enough to repel a bullet or save their foot from injury from a falling steel beam, that is if steel beams were still being used, due to the same materials.

Indeed, I envision a graphene wrap coating for athletic shoes and work-boots which will reduce weight and increase performance. I envision an ergonomic scheme, which would wrap around a lightweight shoe making it much stronger, and when you are done with that shoe on the inside you would unwrap that coating-material, and use the wrap to wrap on another shoe.

The graphene-wrap would be so strong you would never need to throw it away, and the inside of the shoe would be a reusable component that was fully recyclable also. This is the future I envision with high-tech materials for the shoes that we wear. Please think on this.

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