Green Roof Construction: What Are Its Benefits?

The green movement has made companies aware of how they impact the environment. It has also shown them ways to cut costs while supporting nature, such as by implementing an eco friendly roof. For roofing companies, construction of green roofs is a booming business, and the benefits of implementing them show why:

Increased Energy Efficiency A roof can be a significant source of heat loss in the winter and major source of heat in the summer. Green roofs minimize unwanted heating and cooling by providing excellent insulation. If your building contains standard roofing, implementing an eco friendly roof could reduce the demand for summertime air conditioning by up to 75%.

If you aim to make your building more self-sustaining, do not forget the opportunity that exists with its roof.

Improved Real Estate and Business Marketability Eco friendly roofing can improve a building's marketability, and the marketability of the company that occupations it. For example, a company that moves to a building that features eco friendly design can become more attractive to consumers, business talent and other companies.

Today, anything associated with environmental friendliness is a potential business generator.

Increased Roof Durability Depending on the size and style of a building's roof, replacing it could be a major undertaking. An environmental roof is replaced less often because it decrees the exposure of waterproofing membranes to severe temperatures, reducing the incidence of torn membranes that cause leaks.

As with other environmental measures for buildings, the cost benefits of environmental roofing are achieved in the long term, not upfront.

Landfill and Sewer Diversion By prolonging the lifespan of roofing materials, eco friendly rooftops decrease landfill use. They also deter sewer overflow by diverting water to rooftop plants instead of piping it to gutters. According to research, environmental rooftops can retain between 70% and 90% of the precipitation they encounter.

Support of Urban Bird Life Pigeons are known for surviving-and even thriving-in the most unnatural urban settings. But other birds disappear as trees and bushhes do. Green roof construction that features grasses, bushhes and small trees helps certain birds to call the city home. If there is one thing city dwellers want more of in the city, it is nature.

Improved Air Quality Just as potted plants can improve the air quality of a home, plants on building roofs can improve the air quality of a metropolis. The plants and trees on environmental rooftops capture airborne pollutants and certain atmospheric deposits, bringing a cleansing effect to air that sorely needs it.

Is Green Roofing an Option for Your Building? Eco friendly commercial roofing is often associated with midsize to large buildings, as they stand to save the most money and create the greatest impact on the environment. But it can also benefit small buildings in the same ways. As with other eco solutions for commercial properties, green roofs benefit the companies that implement them and the environment simultaneously. To learn more about their benefits, contact a commercial roofing company that specializes in eco friendly rooftops today.

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