Guide on Replacing Shingles of Your Roof

Replacing shingles of your roof is one effective way to boost the appeal of your home. You can take on this project personally or hire a professional crew to do the work. But other than deciding who would take over this task, there are many other considerations that need to be factored in.

If your home is newly built and you have lived in it for only about a couple of years, you can easily repair the shingles on your own. Do research for an online estimator that could help you figure out shingle material quantities with respect to the size of your roof. You can also seek assistance from do-it-yourself sites for a step-by-step guide on replacing roof shingles.

A part of initial planning is surveying your roof. The sizes of your entire roof and each shingle must be taken down. As you evaluate the roof, you must also decide if you want to use the same kind of shingle or you want to give your roof a new look. If the latter is the case, then you must scout for the latest shingle types in the market.

For starters, asphalt shinglees are the most commonly used, which come in two basic types such as the glass fiber or fiber glass and organic. Most asphalt shinglees come in three to four bundles per square. Newer kinds are the cedar shingles and metal roof shingles. Keys in choosing new shingles for your roof are to consider the climatic environment in your area and the maintenance requirements. The size, shape or form are important variables as well that would contribute to enhancing the look of your roof and exteriors. For example, metal shingles would prove to be better in snow-prone locations because such material enables snow to slip easily. Thus, probability of roof dents or collapse due to heavy snow weight may be reduced.

If you decide to do this project yourself, purchasing an additional 10 percent of the number of shingles would be cost-effective idea. The extra shingles could save you frequent trips to the hardware store. Other materials you would need are roofing nails, felt underlayment and underlayment nails. You would need about two pounds of roofing nails for each square of shingles. Roofing cement is also needed for the bridges, flashings and ridges.

But when your roof is more than a decade old, it is most likely that majority of its shingles have become damaged or badly worn. This is now high time to acquire professional service. In hiring a service, notify the contractor about the type of re-shingling project you want – overlay or tear off. Primarily ask for cost estimation so you can prepare your budget.

Regardless without the re-shingling project would be done by you or a crew, give priority to safety. Working on such high and usually uneven surface would always be sentenced to dangers. It is highly recommended that you implement extreme care for you, employers and other people in your home during the process. Basic safety equipment must be accessible to you and / or the crew you would hire. Items such as secured ladder, caution signs, heavy duty work clothes including rubber-soled shoes with non-skid tread, harness, rope and roof brackets are only a few of the key safety things you need.

On top of all considerations regarding roof re-shingling, you must inquire if there are particular codes or regulations in your area about this matter. Secure permits as soon as possible so you can immediately proceed with this project.

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