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Gutter Cleaning Tips

Maintaining their guttering system in tip-top shape can be extremely stressful for some people. Not only do they have to consider different maintenance procedures since gutters come in various types and sizes (seamless and sectional, U-shape and K-shape for examples), they also need to spend for a number of services that includes cleaning.

However, cleaning your guttering system does not necessarily have to be done by a professional. While gutter cleaning seems to be a very complicated thing to work on, it can actually be a Do-It-Yourself task.

So if you have decided that it’s time to give your gutter some cleaning (which is usually twice a year, one during spring and another during fall) and you’re trying to figure out what are the tips that should be followed, then in your luck. There are ways to ensure that cleaning your gutter would be more “effective” than it would be a “headache”.

Do not place your ladder directly on the gutter

Gutter cleaning requires that you climb the roof with a ladder. But the ladder should not be placed directly on the gutter itself to avoid damage. There are gutters that are available with attachments so you can adjust your ladder higher without doing it any damage.

Use Rubber Gloves

You have to remove debris that you can reach by your hands when you are cleaning your gutter so having rubber in handy would be recommended. This would also avoid any accidental cuts that you might get from working in the roof as well as to protect your hands from the heat of the roof when doing the cleaning on a hot sunny day.

You can do relevant home repairs while cleaning your gutter

Since you’re already there in the roof, you might as well include other things that need fixing. For instance, if there are nails up there that are already loosened, you can hammer new ones. Or you can reposition your television’s antenna.

Have an auger ready

There would be instances when you will encounter foreign materials in your gutter that already hardened. For clogs that are too tough to remove, you need to use an auger. Once you are done, spray water to it to make sure that there’s no more clog that will stop water flow.

Spray water on hard to reach areas

There is a hose especially designed for gutters that could spray down debris that are too small to be reached by your hands.

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