How Metal Roofing Prices Are Determined

When someone wants to put a new roof on their home, they will most likely start looking around for estimates. Unfortunately, when they have so many different numbers flying at them, it can be difficult to realize for what they are actually paying. There are a few factors that come into play when a buyer is determining metal roofing prices.

On average, in the United States, metal roofing prices are around $ 16,500 to complete an entire project. However, the cost of such a project tends to shift slightly depending on the part of the country in which the project will be completed. In the south, it can be done for just about $ 13,000 while the same project might cost over $ 18,000 in the Midwest.

Prices also vary depending on what type of metal is used. Steel shingles can cost up to $ 500, but the cost of installing them typically does not exceed $ 700. When someone chooses aluminum shingles, they may save a great deal of money on the materials, but the cost of instillation may get as high as $ 1,200 to complete the entire project.

When getting quotes for prices, it is important to find out what is included in the number to get a clear picture. For example, some retailers may assume that installation is needed and include that price in the quote. If someone is able to do the roofing on their own, they still need to make sure they budget for the materials and tools that they will need.

Metal roofing prices depend on a number of things, especially the type of metal that is chosen and the location of the project. Before making a decision, it is important to ask questions of the retailer regarding exactly why a particular type of roofing is sold at a particular price. Shoppers should also remember to take into account the cost of supplies or labor.

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