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How Much for a Roof Replacement in London?

Roof replacement costs never were cheap so lets take a look at why it costs so much for a new roof in London.

Slate Roof or Tiled Roof

Choosing your roof style has to the most important decision you make with regard to a roof replacement project. Clearly if your home is a traditional period property then undetected the old roof is slate and you have to be careful if you are considering returning with a tiled roof.

The best way forward here is to have a look at some of the other roofs. If there is quite a few tiled roofs then by all means plow ahead with a tiled roof and save some money. If you do not see any tiled roofs in your neighborhood then the best option is to play safe and stay with slates.

Most of the replacement slate roofs in London are done with a man-made slate called eternit and represent excellent value for money. If budget is strictly strained then the cheapest roof you are likely to get is with a Redland 49 tiled roof but do not forget that you have to increase the strength of the roof to carry the extra weight.

What About The New Roof Costs

Well you already know that a tiled roof with Redland 49's is the cheapest type of roof but lets break down the costs a little to see how much it would cost for a replacement slate roof to a Victorian mid-terrace property.

Slate Roof Replacement Costs Breakdown For London:

  • Scaffold hire front & back £ 800;
  • You need 2 skips to clear away the old roof £ 450;
  • About 1,700 Eternit slates £ 1,600;
  • Lead flashings £ 350;
  • Skylight £ 100;
  • Valleys £ 150;
  • Baton, felt, nails £ 350;
  • Sub Total £ 3,800;
  • Labor £ 3,500;
  • Vat £ 1,277;
  • Total £ 8,577 inc.

You would expect to knock off 10% to 15% of the costs if you went with Redland 49 roof tiles. You do not just save money on the materials but also on the labor as tiles are much faster than slates to install.


Roof replacement does not come cheap but still presents excellent value for money when you consider that the average lifespan on a new roof is 30 to 40 years and it works out at a little over £ 200 per year.

One final point is that before you undertake a roof replacement projects take the time to have a FREE Solar Panel survey to see if you could benefit from a solar panel installation while the scaffolding is there to provide additional strengthening to the roof if required.

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