How to Deal With a Leaking Roof

Discovering a roof leak is something that requires a swift response, as a failure to act quickly can lead to significant (and potentially costly) damage to your home. Read on for a quick guide to how to deal with a roof leak:

Safety First

If there is water coming through the ceiling or light fitting, turn off your electricity at the mains. If you observe a bubble forming in the ceiling, place a bucket directly underneath it and pierce the bubble with a screwdriver or other sharp object; this will stop your ceiling from collapsing.

Locate the source

The next step is to find out exactly where the leak is coming from; this is arguably a job best left to a professional roofer. However if you feel up to the job, here are a few tips that may help:

• Carefully enter the loft space using crawl boards as you move to avoid damaging the gyproc. You should never attempt to stand between the joists or beams

• Locate the leak; remember that the location of the drip may not be the location of the leak. Follow the trail of water until you have established exactly where the leak is

• Push a stick or similar object through the hole where the water is entering in order to raise the roof tile or slate. This will make it easier to locate the correct spot when you get up onto the roof

• Access your roof using a ladder, and if necessary a further roof ladder to hook over the ridge. Ensure that appropriate safety precautions are adhered to

• Look for your stick or for visible damage and repair as required

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