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How To Make A Winning Dental Marketing Promotion Even BETTE…

If you have a dental marketing promotion … maybe a space ad … or a sales letter … or possibly even a yellow pages piece … that you know for a fact is working then read this short article.

That's because I'll show you 3 ways to make that marketing monster even better!

3 Ways To Make Your Dental Marketing Winner Even Better :

1. Add Testimonials

Kind of funny how small business owners love to "bang on their chest".

You'll hear things like …

"There's no one like me who can do cosmetic dentistry in my city."

On and on it goes. And I do not blame (or judge) a small business owner for feeling or saying these things.

It's just that your prospect does not believe what you say about your dental practice.

Instead … and to get your prospect's attention … include testimonials in your marketing (from your happy patients).

And your marketing "winner" will pull even better.

2. Improve You Offer

Your offer is the single most important part of your marketing.

Nine times out of ten … a good offer will get a good response.

So, if you have a dental marketing "winner" on your hands … then look for ways to make your offer even stronger.

And your ROI will shoot through the roof.

3. Add A Story

Stories pump life into marketing. And they make marketing fun.

And as soon as your marketing becomes "fun" … guess what happens next?

Yep — your results skyrocket.

That's because no one is wants to read your marketing. That is … unless you have an interesting story. That you pay off.

So give these three dental marketing strategies "a shot". Add them to your campaigns. And you can be assured that you'll see a dramatic boost in your results.

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