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How To Patch And Repair A Roof – 3 Different Methods

Do you have a small or big leak on your roof? If so then knowing how to patch and repair a roof is something you should become familiar with quickly! The three methods below are the most popular and most simple ways to take care of that unwanted leak and damaged shingles.

  1. If you are a do it yourself type of person then you will need to have a few basic tools and materials in order to repair your home's roof. The essentials are some roofing nails, a ladder, a hammer, some patching tar and also a roll or sheet of shingle products.

  2. Okay now that you have the shingles or shingle rolls you can decide where the water is leaking in at or where the damaged portion of your roof is. Once you find the problem area you want to cover it with the shingles. The proper way to lay the shingles is by starting at the very bottom near the gutters and from there you work your way up. As you work your way up be sure to nail all of the shingles in place and then over lap the next row by about two or three inches so the water can run off smoothly. After you finish with all of the rows and you reach the top the last step is to use the patching tar and fill in any cracks or spaces between the old roofing material and the newly added material. Now your home should be protected from rain, sleet, and snow good job.

  3. Of course not everyone likes to do things on their own. For you the third and quickest method is to just get a hold of a reputable and affordable roofer in your area. They will usually have the job completed professionally and properly within a few hours. The cost will be much more than if you did it alone but you can be sure that your home protection will be much greater.

There you have it, the three simple methods for how to patch and repair a roof. If you still have questions you can contact any home improvement center in your local community and ask them for suggestions. Thanks for reading and good luck with your projects.

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