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How To Perform Roof Repair

If you are a person who has ever considered performing roof repair, please read this article. You can rest easy knowing that it takes just a little experience and some tools and an average house can be done without any problem.

To learn how to perform roof repair on an asphalt or metal roof takes just a few common tools and a pair of shoes with flat soles. The flat soles will do less damage than those that have heels after you walk on your roof. Make sure before you get on the roof that it is safe to walk on. If you have rotten wood because of a leaky roof, it is possible a rotten board or joist could break when you put your weight on it. Also if you see that the damage is intensive you may want to consider full replacement, because at that point it would be cheaper to replace than to repair.

To learn how to perform repair on an asphalt roof it takes a few tools you probably have already. A shovel is used to remove the shingles, a hammer is used for the roofing nails, and roofing cement can be used to glue bent shingles down and secure them. When you replace a broken or damaged shingle you will remove the row of shingles above it so you can get to the damaged one. One tip is to use the roofing cement to bond a torn shingle down to the roof and secure it with a roofing nail. Completely damaged shingles will need to be replaced. Try to use the same holes that the old shingle used when installing the new shingle in its place.

To learn how to repair a metal roofing is not quite as easy. You will need to identify what type of metal your roof is made of. Once you do, you will need to get a patch made of the same metal. The surface of the metal roof will need cleaning before you start your repair. You will need roofing cement, wire brushes, pliers, sandwich, solder, soldering guns, flux, tin snips and gloves to handle sharp metal edges. After locating the damaged area you want to repair, you will need to cut a piece of new metal that is two inches larger than the area you are repairing. Then cut off the corners of this new patch with the tin snips. Bend the outer edges of the new metal under. Fold it under one half inch. Sand the folded parts and make them shiny. Now use the flux on the shiny areas of your new patch and the damaged area. Now, put the new patch down on the damaged area and hold it down with a weight, sometimes a brick or block. Use the solder and soldering gun and go along the edges of the new patch and seal down the new patch to the roof. The solder must melt and fill in the gaps between the new patch and the damaged roof. Go all the way around the new patch until you are done. Now, cut another patch larger than the damaged area. Coat the entire area of ​​the soldered patch and press this second patch down on it. Apply another coat of cement over this. Do another patch like the last one if you want to make sure it does not leak. Cover it all again with roofing cement or roof coating and you are done.

One tip on how to perform roof repair on an aluminum roof is to use fiberglass patches instead of metal. Aluminum is not a metal to be soldered, so the fiberglass will have to be used instead. Do not worry, it works well on the aluminum roof and is probably easier than other metals.

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