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How to Repair a Leaking Roof

If you are a home owner you are probably all familiar with the many potential headaches that come with such a worth investment. A leaking roof is one of them that occurs more frequently than other problems and can really present problems when it does happen. This article contains information that will show you how to repair a leaking roof.

Repairing a leaking roof does not always mean replacing it. While it is true that significant roof damage can occur that causes leaks, most leaks in roofs happen over time. If the damage is not too significant, parts of the roof can be replaced without disturbing the rest. This also means a more cost-effect project for you as replacing an entire roof can be quite expensive.

The most difficult part of repairing a leaking roof is locating the damage. Small leaks are especially difficult because they are not always visible to the human eye. Still, you know they are present when you walk into your living room only to find a good sized puddle right in the middle of it. Once you do locate the damage part, however, look for damaged or curled shingles. There may be some missing altogether. Find all the places where two surfaces meet or around the chimney or vent is where most leaks occur. Here you will need to look for breaks in the flashing or caulking or for gaps in the lines of the roofing cement.

Once you have found the damage its time to repair the leaking roof. Should you find curled shingles you can easily straighten them out, provided the weather is warm enough, or repair them with asphalt roof cement or compound. This substance comes in a tube and can be applied with a caulking gun. When the weather is cold, you want to be careful when attempted to straighten curled shingle. This is because they become very brittle in these conditions and must be softened before you will be able to flatten them out.

You can soften a shingle by using a propane torch that contains a flame-spreading nozzle. Remember, you want to soften it, not catch it on fire. In order to prevent this, take care not to use too much heat. Apply the flame to the curled edges of the shingle then flatten them. You can then reattach the shingle by generously applying roofing cement to the bottom and press it firmly into place.

Repairing a leaking roof does not have to be a dreaded task. If done early enough, the repairs can be made without much fuss and your roof will be leak free and you will save money by not having to replace the entire roof.

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