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How to Repair Flat Leaking Roofs

Are you always burdened by your flat leaking roofs? Are you tired of your wife's nagging, reminding you then and again to fix your leaking roof? Well, put a stop in your wife's constant prodding and start fixing the roof yourself. This article will guide you through in doing your leaking roof yourself.

We will provide you with detailed step so you can weigh your options all the way through. We will teach you basic flat roof repair techniques and what to do during emergencies. You will also discover the true cost involved in flat roof repairs and replacements. So before hiring a professional roofer, you might want to try this yourself so you can save cost in labor.

The cause of leaks is of course, water. So first, remove the cause of leaks so it will not do any more damage than it already did. Continuous leaks will speed up the rotting not only in your roof but also in the interior of your house. Once you're done with the water, you may consider doing the following.

Tile Replacement

You can replace the leaking tile with one that is exactly the size of your existing panel. However, caution is very necessary especially when nailing the tiles. You should not apply to much pressure because you may break the exquisite tiles or the roof itself. If unfortunate, you will end up having additional repairs.

How to Remove Withered Tile

You can use a pry bar to pop out nails surrounding the tile. If there are panels that already stick out, no need to use a pry bar, simply lift off the edges and they will be removed easily.

Place the Flashing

Flashing must be installed in a way that it will form a corral of about an inch wide to ensure that the flow of water is continuous and down the line.

Adjust if needed

Check if the installed panels are in the same direction as the others and if they are properly positioned. If you see overlapping panels, just lift these edges and hammer two nails on each top corner of the new panel.

Now, you're done with your leaking roof. On the contrary, during emergencies, and you do not have time to do the hammering and all, you can temporarily use a tarp to cover the leaking roof. Additionally, you can do with using a tarpaulin to cover your top while waiting w

However, when your roof is seriously damaged, it is highly recommended to engage the services of a professional roof contractor. Covering your roof with a tarpaulin will do well while waiting what course of action to take, whether to call a professional roofer or fix the roof yourself.

Cost of Flat Roof Repairs

The cost of flat roof repairs may surprise you because it's NOT what you think it is, CHEAP. Let's check out what they got in roof repair cost.

Flat roof patching – $ 300 to $ 500

If you encounter someone charging you for less, he is unduly in financial need and he is definitely not a PRO.

Interior repairs due to leaks – $ 250 to $ 400

Inclusive of these are painting the ceiling, fixing wet sheet-rock, etc.

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