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How to Shingle a House Roof – Important Things You Need to Know

The roof is one of the important parts of the house that needs regular checking for possible leaks. It is important to find solutions right then as soon as small leaks are found to avoid having more problems later. It is also important that the shingling job is done at the right timing as well.

The basics on how to shingle a house roof mainly involves removing the existing shingles, if you are replacing an old one, removing the nails and the felt paper that come along with the old shingles and removing the metal sidings as well. When everything is clear, a new roll of felt paper is added and the new shingles for the roof is laid out and fastened.

Although the process looks simple and easy, it is important that the laying out of the shingles is done in the correct way. This can save you from spending more in repairing the roof when you find leakage in the newly installed roof.

Knowing when to replace your house roof shingles

The right timing in shingling the house roof with new shingles is important for every homeowner. Weather is an important consideration. Experiencing leaks during summer or during the rainy season is one of the main problems that homeowners dread, as this can be a difficult time to shingle a house roof.

Shingle your house roof in summer or right before the summer or the rainy season begins. If the shingles are also beginning to be distorted, it can be a sign that replacement is needed.

Preparing your roof for shingling

Clean the roof and remove the old and distorted shingles. A pitchfork can be useful in this process but be careful not to destroy the sheathing underneath. Especially when the old shingles are already covered with lichens and other plant life, cleaning is necessary to avoid problems especially if you are putting the new shingles over the existing ones. Although installing the new shingles on top of the other is possible, it is important to assess whether the roof can handle the additional weight of the new shingles. Of course, in learning how to shingle a house roof, you also have to consider the type of shingles you are using, as there are heavy ones compared with other shingle types.

Installing your new shingles

If overlaying is done, it is important to nest the new shingles on the edges of the old ones. If you are totally replacing a layer or two of old roof shingles, it is necessary to clean the roof from all debris and plant life after the old shingles are removed. A felt paper is laid out together with the drip edge and the new shingles can be laid out and fastened.

Shingles are usually installed diagonally on the roof to make sure that they are fastened properly. It is also advisable to fasten each of the shingles with at least 6 fasteners each if the roof is steep. This prevents strong winds from blowing the shingles and lifting them up.

Aside from ensuring that the roof shingles are installed correctly and properly, the choice of shingling material, whether hardwood, metal, asphalt or ceramic is also important to be able to make sure that your house roof can last for years. If you want to learn how to shingle a house roof, you can actually find a lot of manuals that will guide you with its details.

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