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If You Need a Quality Product for Your Flat Roof, Choose an EPDM Membrane

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time in our lives. The requirement for more space due to an expanding family, a home closer to the office or one with a utility room that gives room for muddy boots and dogs. There are many reason as to why people purchase a new home.

The average person looks at 4 different properties before they find the one that could be their new home. Once you have found a property that you think could be your new home it is sensible to get a survey completed.

There are varying levels of surveys, each offering a certain level of inspection and scrutiny and it is up to the individual to decide on which one they require.

Surveys can pick up a whole host of problems within a potential new home. Electric or boiler problems, structural defects or EPDM roofing membrane problems. All of these issues can all be picked up by the surveyor.

Some of the problems highlighted may not be big issues, others could be costly to fix and could lead to negotiations in the price of the house or even the potential purchase to fall through.

If you decide to purchase a home that has a form of flat roof, perhaps on a utility area or an out house area, it is essential this area is checked for any forms of dampness. Dampness in a specific area could indicate signs the roofing has a defect that may need to be replaced.The best option if this is the case is a new EPDM membrane roof system.

EPDM also known as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is a rubber roofing membrane. It is widely used in the installation of flat roofs and is simple to install, only requiring cold adhesive.

Other materials such as asphalt will require the use of high heats during the installation process, which add a health and safety level of complication.

There are different types of EPDM, the first type consists of a rubber membrane that is installed directly on to the substructure of the roof. The other type available has a polyester fleece layer glued to one side of the membrane. This is used when installing on top of an existing system and can save time, as the removal of the existing system is not required.

EPDM is available to purchase online. A search using your computer will bring up a list of various companies that you can purchase from. They will offer a large range of options and available extras for your project. You can place your order and pay for it all from the comfort of your home or office. Most companies will deliver within a couple of days of ordering.

Some online websites will have a product calculator, this is so that you can find the amount of product you require for your installation. The overall size of the roof will be calculated along with the type of edges adjoining the flat roof, as this will take into account the type of edge trims that are required.

Some online retail companies can even offer you recognised installers. These installers would have passed an installation competency test run by the online retailer, ensuring they can offer an installation that meets the requirements and standards that they set. The retailer will also be able to indicate any installers in your area with a simple postcode search.

If you are in need of a replacement flat roof system look no further than an EPDM membrane system, they are easy to install, are proven to last over 50 years and require no maintenance once installed.

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