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Inexpensive Corner Fireplace Unit

A traditional wood burning fireplace can cost thousands of dollars to have installed in your home. After materials, labor and the time it takes to build, you have made quite an investment. But, you do not have to put that much into it.

A comparison between a traditional wood burning fireplace and a ventless alternative would lead us to understand that the ventless is the best option, hands down. A traditional wood burning fireplace can take as much as a few weeks to build. In that time frame, your life is far from normal. You wake up mornings walking around construction workers who are in your home, taking up space. You leave for work after a very non-private morning of getting ready.

But not only the time, but also the money. You have to make sure you get a good contractor who can handle the work and not cause any further damage to your home. So you pay the contractor for hour they are in your home singing out walls and, raising up the floor and going through your roof. Those hours are not cheap and the building materials are not either.

When you compare that to a ventless alternative, you have something that can install in as little as a day. No walls need knocked out and no chimney needs built. No hearth is necessary. Of course, you can build those things if you want. The ventless solution makes it possible to build a fireplace without the need for a chimney or a hearth.

Plus, you can build a fireplace anywhere. You do not even have to consider wall studs and load bearing beams. You can simply pick a spot and begin your planning. The corner fireplace unit is one that not many people imagine in their homes. I'm not sure why, because it's so unique and good looking. A corner fireplace unit is easy to install.

Find the corner where you would like your fireplace and begin planning. A faux hearth and chimney might be a great way to finish off the look. But, I have seen other designs that were just as interesting. One corner unit has both a bookshelf underneath and a television above. If you would like a design of this nature, just make sure there is enough space between the flame and the television. Install a heat shield of some sort and everything should be fine.

If you would like to build a corner fireplace unit, start with a 2×4 structure and plywood that you finish with the faux finish of your choice. Stone, brick and wood make great finishes for the fake heart and chimney. A fireplace insert and gel fuel finish off the ventless fireplace alternative so that you can enjoy a real flame fireplace in less than a day, from start to finish.

The installation can take as little as a day. If you have done the planning beforehand and you know exactly what you are going to do, you'll be able to move swiftly through the building process. Imagine waking up early in the morning and starting the build on your fireplace so that by the time night rolls around, you are enjoying the flame with your family. It can happen.

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