Installing Conservatories on a Bungalow Is Easier Than You T…

Many people live in a bungalow and dream of shopping for conservatories, all the while thinking that the design and layout of their home makes this an impossible goal. With a professional conservatory contractor on your side, anything is possible and installing your favourite conservatory is easier than you may think.

One easy way to install conservatories onto bungalows is by coming off the gable. This configuration will give you the clearance necessary to build a sizable conservatory. Unfortunately that won’t work for all bungalows, considering the gables may lead onto an area of the property that is not large enough or suitable for a conservatory. Are there any other options?

A lower roofline presents the greatest challenge to the installation of conservatories on bungalows. But that can be remedied with a clever design and a few days of renovation work. What you need to do in this situation is create a false gable.

That may sound like a lot of work, but in actual fact this home improvement can be done with minimal fuss and cost simply by installing the roof extension right on top of the old one. Using a template of the conservatory roof to guide them, contractors will build a dormer that is attached to your home and sealed. Once the conservatory is brought from the factory all of the roof remodelling will be completed and the installation will carry on as per usual.

With a new roofline your bungalow will have a slightly different look from the outside, but nothing on the inside will have changed. Matching shingles or roofing materials will help everything to blend in well and the conservatory will be just as sturdy as in a standard installation.

There is another alternative way to install conservatories onto bungalows, although it will limit the selection of conservatory design. This method involves using something called a box gutter, which will allow the conservatory to be connected with the existing gutters. For stability the new addition is also fastened to the house on the fascia or just under the roofline. Although this may look less finished than the above method, it is the only option for many homes where adding a dormer is not possible due to the age or condition of the roofing.

If you live in a bungalow, don’t give up on your dream of installing a conservatory. There are solutions available and with a pro to guide and direct your projects, your choice of conservatories will soon be ready to enjoy for years to come.

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