Installing Roof Leak Barriers – Sealing Off Wind-Driven Rai…

Sealing rake edges with a leak proof barrier is very important to extend the life of your homes roof and to also make sure that no leakage from inclement weather damages your roof. When installing a leak barrier, you can install Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof underlayment protection making sure to leave 6 "-8" minimum of the deck exposed. Install a full 36 "of Weather Watch or Storm Guard leak barrier over the Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof deck protection and rake edge. Remove 2'-3 'of the membranes release film and align this flush to the roof edge.

Seal to the edge removing the remaining split-back release film. Firmly press into place using either your hammer edge or by using a roller, again, making sure it is firmly sealed to prevent any water leakage. Nail off every 18 "at the edge within 6" of edge, nail off up the rake. Laps must be 6 "minimum wide where two sheets meet; lap must end at 6" minimum and hand roll to seal. Install sheets so laps follow water flow, higher sheets should be lapped over lower sheets, and then install your drip edge over the roof deck protection.

When you are sealing hips and ridges remember that winds going across the roof gain speed and power as they reach the hips and ridges. Seal off these winds release areas. To protect against wind-driven rain at hips and ridges, install a leak barrier. At ridges, install Shingle-Mate or Deck Armor roof protection a full 36 "up to the ridge vent opening for maximum protection At the hips, a full 36" of Weather Watch or Storm Guard leak barrier that needs to be centered over the roofs ridge line to seal off the wind-driven rains that can harm and cause major damage to your homes roof.

Making sure to abide by these rules will keep out wind-driven rains caused by thunderstorms and also keeping your homes roof airtight so no heat is lost and no cool is lost in the winter and summer seasons. Your home might be your biggest investment, make sure you are protected and that your roof is protected as well. This will ensure that you get your money's worth out of the home while at the same time keeping it in the dry.

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