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Installing Roof Shingles – Do It Yourself and Save Money

If you're finding that your roof is beginning to have some problems, sometimes it needs new roof shingles. Installing these roof shingles is not all that difficult if you have clear instructions and you take you time. The first thing you need to keep in mind is safety. Since you will be working on the roof, make certain you work very carefully and wear non slip footwear. If possible, it would also be great to use harnesses. The most common type of roof shingle is asphalt. In this case we will assume that this is the type of roof you have.

Make sure that you have a good underlayment prepared. This is a layer of fifteen pound paper which is placed below the shingles. It acts as a barrier to moisture but still allows air to pass through. This is important to help ventilate the roof. In order to install the asphalt roof shingles, you should start from the lower part of the roof. Nail the lowest row of shingles in place. Then place the next row of shingles above that. Make sure that the asphalt shingle overlaps the first row. Continue in that manner until you have the roof or section to repair completed.

If your roof has wooden shingles then you would follow basically the same process where you begin at the lowest level and then work upward. If you are repairing a section of the roof and there is already underlayment in place, make sure there are no rips or tears. If you find damage, then it is a good idea to replace that section. Use roofing cement in the areas where the paper ties together. In this way you can avoid leakage in this underlayment and provide a much more satisfactory job.

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